9 Feb 2016

Differences between Entities and Value Object.


When you have two Entities with the same attributes, these two objects are not the same because they have two different identities.

However, when you have two Value Objects with the same values, these two objects do have equality and can therefore can be interchanged freely. When you can substitute one object for another, the object is a Value object (in other words, the value is in the object, rather than the identity of the object). You couldn’t interchange Entities because there would be unwanted side effects.


2. Overtime an Entity’s properties will change, but it will remain the same Entity. For example, if a user changes their email address. However when your application needs to change a Value Object property, the whole object needs to be destroyed and a new one should replace it. For example, when you make a payment, the money object isn’t given back to you as change, you are given a new money object of a lower value.


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