16 Feb 2016

AWS IAM Service

IAM allows to manage users and their level of access to AWS Console.

Very useful in administrating a companies AWS account in real life.


1.  Centralized control of AWS account

2. Shared Access to your AWS account

3. Granular Permissions.

4. Identity Federation (Active Dir,FB, Linkedin..)

5. Multifactor Authentication. ( Virtual and Hardware (Eg:RSA Device) )

6. Temporary access for users/devices and services.

7. setup rotation own password rotation policy

8. Supports PCI DSS Compliance

9.  IAM is not regional, it is applicable universally.



Users, Groups, Roles , Policies (permissions) and Services/Resources.


//not to be used for login

Access Key :  nothing but username

Secret Access Key :  Password


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