10 Feb 2016

Simple Queue Service SQS



1.  SQS a Web Service

2. uses 256KB of text in any format.

3. acts as a buffer between component producing and saving data.

4. SQS ensures delivery of each message at least once , and supports multiple readers and writers interacting with same  queue and no coordination required.

5. FIFO is not guaranteed.

6. 12hrs visibility time out.

7. Billed at 64kb “chunks”—4 chunks per message

8.  1Million SQS Requests/ month is free

     $0.5 per million per month

     then $0.0000005 / requests.

9. Single request can have 1-10 message or max  total payload of 256KB.

10. 1 Chunk = 64KB is billed as 1 request.

        Single API call with 256KB = 4 Requests.


6. ASync  Pulls the task messages from queue.

7. Retrieves the named file

8. Process the conversion.

9. Writes image back to S3

10. write “task complete” message to queue.

11. Deletes original task message.

12. Checks for more messages in worker queue.


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